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Lending a Helping Hand after Irma, Harvey, and other Hurricanes

  In the photo is a Houston area home with storm damage after hurricane Harvey . There are plenty of ways to help. See volunteer and donation opportunities at www.nvoad.org/voad-members/national-members . Photo by Christy Volanski. Recent images of hurricane Irma and Harvey’s devastating impacts remind all of us living along the Gulf just how powerful …

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Sawfish need our help

  A True Rarity in the Northern Gulf: Sawfish Need our Help Two species of sawfish (largetooth and smalltooth) historically inhabited the Gulf of Mexico as part of their range. The largetooth sawfish has a fairly broad range worldwide but is considered extremely rare in the Gulf now (infrequent reports on the Texas coast). The …

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Helping Turtles Cross Our Highways… Safely

When doing programs about snakes I find plenty of people who hate them… but I have never found anyone who hated turtles. I mean what is there to hate?  They are slower, none of them are venomous, they have shoulders… people just like them.  And to that point, when people see them crossing the road …

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