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Do Your Part to Stop the Spread

With all the news about the Zika virus spread in Florida, now is the time to start thinking about mosquito protection. As the weather warms, they will be hatching.  Check out where the water is collecting in your yard.  The female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes lay their eggs in temporary flood water pools; even very small …

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The World of Worms – the Annelids… Part 3 of 3

In the final segment of this 3 part series on worms we will discuss the largest, most commonly encountered members of the worm world… the Annelids. Neredia are one of the more common polychaete worms.Photo: University of California Berkley Annelids differ from the other two groups of worms we have discussed in that they have …

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The World of Worms… Part 2 of 3

The round body of a microscopic nematode.Photo: University of Nebraska at Lincoln In the first article of this series we discussed the how unpleasant the subject of worms were but how beneficial many species are to our environment. We highlighted the flatworms and this week we will look at the roundworms.   There are a …

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The World of Worms… Part 1 of 3

I am afraid worms are not the most pleasant topic to write about but few people know much about them. I was once told when I was a student that if you wanted to become known as a scientist study worms, no one else is.   When we hear the term “worm” negative things enter …

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The Giant Banana Spiders – part of our panhandle summer

The elongated body of the Golden Orb Weaver. Photo: Molly O’Connor TELL ME NO!  Please tell me these huge spiders are not a part of our summer. People are afraid snakes… that’s a given – but there are just as many afraid of spiders.  Honestly, after years of leading field hikes into the north Florida …

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