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Snorkeling Safety at the Jetty

The St Andrew Bay pass jetty is more like a close family friend than a collection of granite boulders. The rocks protect the inlet ensuring the vital connections of commerce and recreation. One of the treasured spots along the jetty is known locally as the “kiddie pool”, which is accessible from St Andrew’s State Park. …

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Snorkeling and Kayaking in St. Joe Bay

Who does not like St. Joseph Bay! What a place… One of the more pristine estuaries in Florida, St. Joe is famous for its snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, and scalloping.   15 miles long and 6 miles across (at its widest point), St. Joe Bay has no significant freshwater input. It’s only opening is to the …

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Seagrass Exploration Class

The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (ANERR) will offer a Seagrass Exploration Class Friday, July 15th. Participants will immerse themselves in the vibrant seagrass ecosystem on a guided snorkeling tour of the crystal clear seagrass beds in St. Joseph Bay.  After the tour we will explore seagrass ecology and conservation through discussions, hands on activities, …

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Snorkeling… 5 Ways to Safely Enjoy Our Nearshore Snorkel Reefs

It’s that time of year… the air is warming and spring break has begun. Crowds of locals and visitors have begun to descend on area beaches to enjoy the panhandle sunshine and waterways, and safety is always a concern. One of the many water activities visitors can enjoy are snorkeling our nearshore reefs. From St. …

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