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Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.

Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.

Will you be ready if disaster strikes?  Disasters, or devastating events-natural or human-generated, certainly can disrupt daily life. National Preparedness Month, held annually in September and sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is a good reminder that we need to be ready to respond to emergencies.  Adversity can strike at any time.  There is no time like the present to prepare for emergencies.

How?  Focus on making a standing plan for family readiness!  A standing plan is one that you and your family have developed in the event of disasters. For most people, the prime goal is knowing that all family members are safe and as secure as possible against harm.

Need some help?  Ready.gov has information to help you with that critical “what do we do in case of an emergency” conversation with children as well as seniors or any family member with special needs.  The Ready.gov website contains a wealth of information to get you started including downloadable checklists and other publications as well as printable posters.  Anyone can download the materials for free!

For instance, some disasters strike without warning.  Have you thought about supplies you would need the most? Ready.gov supports the use of checklists as a good way to help you make it through an immediate disaster period.

Are you a pet owner?  Ready.Gov has a unique brochure containing information for pet owners and suggestions for proactive pet emergency preparedness.  Have you ever considered evacuating in the car with your animals?

Additionally, inadequate insurance coverage on a family home or properties can lead to major financial losses.  NOW is the time to plan, document, and insure your property as well as prepare digital copies of your important financial information. One thing to keep in mind: FLOOD INSURANCE is a pre-disaster insurance protection program.  Flood damage is not usually covered by typical homeowners insurance.  Check your policy. Do not make assumptions.

Be smart; take part in preparing before an emergency happens!

  1. Implement a standing plan
  2. Prepare in ADVANCE
  3. Stay informed

You can plan ahead for an emergency. Take action now.



Author: Heidi Copeland – hbc@ufl.edu

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, Leon County Florida Educational Program Focus: •Food, Nutrition and Wellness •Child Development and Parenting

Heidi Copeland

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Free “Brace for the Storm” Workshops Help Homeowners Prepare for Disasters

Free “Brace for the Storm” Workshops Help Homeowners Prepare for Disasters

Aluminum shutters help protect windows from flying debris during windstorms.

Aluminum shutters help protect windows from flying debris during windstorms.

Here in the latter half of June, temperatures have heated up and summer thunderstorms have swept through on a regular basis. As we are reminded often,  hurricane season has begun. While we haven’t had a major storm in 11 years, northwest Florida is still a prime target.

Be Ready Florida is a statewide program dedicated to helping citizens and visitors to the state prepare their homes, businesses, and families for the onslaught of a major windstorm. In order to teach individuals how to best prepare, three free, two-hour online BRACE for the Storm workshops are scheduled for June 29. The workshops will be held from 10 am-noon, 2-4 pm, and 7-9 pm. Registration is online here.

According to their website, “During each workshop participants will gain valuable insight on how homeowners can undertake one or more windstorm mitigation projects on their homes to strengthen it against Florida’s next wind disaster. The importance of mitigating homes against the damage caused by a flood or wildfire will also introduced.” The workshops also discuss how mitigation techniques can save money on homeowner’s insurance.

Be Ready Florida also offers an online directory of contractors, suppliers, funding sources and inspectors that homeowners can access to find help with home projects. In Escambia and Santa Rosa County, homeowners can also contact Rebuild Northwest Florida, a nonprofit organization that uses FEMA funds to offset the cost of home wind mitigation.

To see examples of common wind mitigation building materials and techniques, such as storm shutters, insulated concrete forms, a wind-rated garage door and a tornado shelter, you can visit the Escambia County Extension office at 3740 Stefani Road in Cantonment. To schedule a tour or receive more information about the demonstrations found there, contact me at ctsteven@ufl.edu


Author: Carrie Stevenson – ctsteven@ufl.edu

Coastal Sustainability Agent, Escambia County Extension

Carrie Stevenson

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