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Sea Turtles Home


We Need Your Help

Sea turtle nesting season runs May 1 through October 31. During this season sea turtles need darkness for nesting and hatching. Please make sure your beachfront house is turtle friendly by installing outdoor lights that use amber or red LED bulbs in a shielded fixture. Also please keep your curtains and blinds closed at night. Click this link to read the ordinance.

If you see lighting issues that can be addressed to better protect turtles, please contact the UF/IFAS Franklin Extension: 850-653-9337. Email: the UF/IFAS Lighting Specialists

12411502974_bb7ca3e2cd_oPlease Leave No Trace

Franklin County’s “Leave No Trace” Ordinance is in effect for Franklin County beaches. Personal items such as tents, chairs, toys, umbrellas and coolers must be removed from the public beaches between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. All unattended items may be removed and destroyed. Click this link to download the ordinance.

Why are We Doing This?

The beaches of Franklin County are important turtle nesting sites. Each summer, threatened marine turtles migrate to our beaches to nest. Holes dug on the beach, and furniture left overnight can disorient and trap turtle’s hatching and can hinder the females from coming ashore to lay their eggs. Please remove your belongings and fill in any holes prior to leaving the beach.

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